C3 Vancouver meets every Sunday at 10:15am at Columbia Valley Elementary. We would love to see you this Sunday for an encouraging message, vibrant worship, and community. We start our service every Sunday with a time of connection where you can grab a cup of coffee and get connected to a Connect Group, or join a team! We pray that many would find home!




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What does it mean to be religious? 

Religion is often viewed as irrelevant, out of date and disconnected to modern society. Some would say that being religious is all about following a set of unrealistic rules, or reaching a form of righteousness through strict behavior, or even believing in an unrealistic and impersonal God.

We agree.

     Religion is about behavior modification

     Jesus is about a heart transformation

So what is our response to being religious? We say, “Neither are we”. 

In fact, we couldn't be further from it. This might sound unusual coming from a church, a place that is traditionally full of religious people.

But it's truth. At C3 Church, we are not religious.

     Grace is not a subject

     Grace is a person: Jesus

Jesus was never about being religious. He’s always been about relationship. 

Jesus is not interested in us earning his approval through behavior modification, or by attempting to fit into a certain religious mold. He is all about us experiencing His love and grace through a personal and genuine relationship. A relationship that is exciting, daring and full of life. Like Jesus, we want people to discover that they belong at C3 Church just as they are and even if they don’t “believe”. 


Why don't you come and see for yourself how a church can be not religious.



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Darren and Bree moved back to the Pacific Northwest in 2011, to establish a new C3 Church in the Vancouver/Camas area. Originally from Sydney Australia, Darren and Bree bring over 40 yrs of full-time ministry experience in some of Australia’s largest churches including C3 Church Oxford Falls, Riverview Church and Hillsong Church.

Having moved to the US in 2004, most recently they were Teaching Pastors at C3 Church San Francisco and Executive Directors of Axis Cafe. Darren and Bree also pioneered C3 Church Seattle and have worked extensively in the US and Canada as Church Consultants in many denominations. With a background as a Professional Musician, Darren has a keen love for music and the arts … blending them with a sharp wit and humour to shape a unique and compelling communication style that is challenging, relevant and entertaining.

As avid “action junkies”, Darren and Bree are excited to be back in the great Pacific Northwest and bring a new style of church to Vancouver. Along with their children Dakota [20] and Paris [19] they look forward to joining with you to bring the love of Jesus to this city.





Our movement is committed to healthy relationships and connection between ministers and churches. As an international family our members are able to walk into any of our C3 Churches around the world and know they're home. We are united with Christ in His vision, and therefore our mission, to save the lost, make disciples and build His church.


With a passion for Jesus and desire to see this world won for Christ, Phil and Chris Pringle came to Sydney in 1980 to start a church. With just 12 people attending an Easter service, Christian Centre Northside began and the C3 Church movement as we now know was birthed. This church grew to over 400 in 4 years and soon began planting within Sydney and beyond to cities and countries outside of Australia.


With over 500 churches in 64 countries, we are rapidly moving towards the 2020 Vision of 1,000 churches with an average membership of 500 people planted by the year 2020.


  1. There is one God: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit
  2. In the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ the Son of God; we believe in His virgin birth, in His sinless life, in His miracles, in His victorious and atoning death, in His bodily resurrection, in His ascension to the right hand of the Father, His constant intercession and in His imminent return
  3. In the person and work of the Holy Spirit with His fruits and gifts available in the Church; The Bible is the living word of God. It is infallible, authoritative and everlasting and is the foundation of all Christian doctrine
  4. In the existence of an evil spiritual being known as the devil
  5. In the spiritually lost condition of all people and the essential need for the new birth by faith in Jesus Christ
  6. In the baptism of the Holy Spirit as a gift available to believers subsequent to the new birth, with normal evidence of speaking in other tongues
  7. In the sacraments of the Lords Supper and baptism by full immersion in water for all believers
  8. In the resurrection of both the saved and the lost, the one to everlasting life and the other to everlasting separation from God
  9. In the church being the body of Christ, and each member being an active part of a local church, fulfilling the Great Commission.